In 2008 I self published my first graphic novel,
Nathan The Caveman- An epic 300 page, 4 year long project about the worlds first artist and the reflective life of a modern day painter Nathan Burling.

“ I was entranced with the intricate details of his art. Dark shadows and clear-cut facial features, brought the characters of his story to life. ” - Max Pfeffer.

“ … It’s just so innocently and purely done, and to read the whole thing, it was just great… The art really grows on you as it goes on, its very visually smartly done, and the story is good and heart wrenching… Emotionally charged. ” - The Stack.

Nathan The Caveman has been long sold out since it’s last printing in 2009, but like in the story, “ The past is never lost… No matter how deep you bury it.”
I am proud to announce the highly anticipated re-release of my debut graphic novel which can be preordered below. Each book will come signed and sketched in. Don’t miss this chance to get your copy, after all it could be your last chance…
For another couple thousand years anyway. -Ben

Sold Out