SIGHT UNSEEN original comic art pages from the Drawing Blood Comic issue #3 by Ben Bishop!

Now is your chance to claim the very first original pages of Drawing Blood issue #3 at an extreme discount. All pages are priced $100 less than if you were to specifically choose which page you wanted based on content.

Any unsold pages will go back up to the regular price of $250 once the book is released.

This new sale model is similar to how you would choose the "get an original page of art" reward on Kickstarter, and allows me to deeply discount the pages and sell them early directly to the fans without revealing or spoiling the comic itself.

There are a total of 12 pages of original art available from Issue 2...

*Shipping date will be around JULY 2018 - To avoid spoilers, the pages won't ship until the book is printed and released at SDCC 2018.